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Failed delivery compensation

failed delivery compensation

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We’ve all had a delivery or workman that doesn’t turn up on the specified date. It can be extremely frustrating, especially if you’ve had to rearrange your schedule. However, you could be entitled to claim compensation if you’ve incurred any losses as a direct result of having to wait in again for a late or undelivered item.

Can I claim compensation?

It’s important that you understand what your rights are when it comes to failed deliveries or installations. If you go down the correct route you might be able to get some compensation for the inconvenience or lost wages. In order to claim compensation it needs to be for a delivery or appointment on a specific day; you can’t claim if you waited in just in case it arrived. You’re entitled to make a reasonable claim if you had to take extra time off or incurred additional costs.

Who do you make the claim against?

failed delivery compensationBefore you start the claims process, there are some points you need to bear in mind. When you’re making a complaint about a delivery you need to go through the retailer rather than the delivery company. This is because your contract is with the specific retailer. If they have breached the contract by not delivering or turning up late, you can claim for the additional consequential losses you have suffered; for example if you lost out on work. However, you can only claim for the extra time you’ve had to book off. Therefore, you can’t claim for the first delivery as you would have already arranged the time off; the claim is for the subsequent occasions.

The amount you’re claiming for needs to be a reasonable figure and for genuine cases. You can only make a claim if there were no adverse reasons for the delivery problems; delays due to snow or other weather conditions are beyond the control of the retailer so you couldn’t claim for these. You should have made attempts to minimise your losses by trying to rearrange the delivery or installation at a convenient time.

How do I make a claim?

If you feel that you have a reasonable claim for compensation then you’ve got a greater chance of success if you start the process quickly. The claim needs to be capable of standing up in court, though most will be dealt with before they get to this point.

Firstly you need to see what the retailer’s late delivery policy is, as you may feel this is adequate enough. These are often decided based on the individual case and any additional compensation will be at the company’s discretion. If you are looking for more than the standard compensation, you need to talk to the retailer’s customer service department about the level of service you received. It’s important that you state what you are looking for and remain polite but firm. Decide at the beginning what you would be happy to accept in terms of cash or vouchers and try to come to a successful negotiation.

If you’re still not satisfied then you can write to the company. The letter should set out your case and what you are expecting from them. In the vast majority of instances you will be able to negotiate a deal you are happy with. The final route is to go through the small claim’s process, but most retailers will have settled before this.

By knowing your rights, you stand a much better chance of negotiating with a company and receiving the compensation you’re entitled to.



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