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Free Loft Insulation: Is it a scam?

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Free loft insulation sounds too good to be true? We are always being told to be wary of emails claiming to be from your bank asking you to confirm your card details, mystery competitions you have won where you pay a ‘small’ administration fee before receiving your prize or letters from a foreign millionaire claiming to have thousands of pounds for you – just provide your account information to transfer money. So is free loft insulation another scam to part us from our hard earned cash or do you really get something for nothing?

Why is it free?

Over a quarter of the heat lost in a house is through its roof and loft insulation is similar to cavity wall insulation, only more effective. Because heat rises, a properly insulated loft can save £180 a year and energy providers have obligations to reduce carbon emissions and make homes more effective. These big companies are subjected to large fines if they fail to meet their targets so as a result they are putting their money where their mouth is and providing loft insulation worth £300 for free – there really is no scam!

Additional extra’s

It’s not a total free for all though and if you already have insulation, your home is metal or timber framed, it’s made from concrete or stone, you are a council tenant or live in a housing association property or you live in a flat and can’t come to a suitable arrangement with the other tenants, then you won’t be entitled to free insulation. You should also be aware that additional costs such as scaffolding  or air vents might not be included so if you are eligible for free insulation, check how much any extras might come to.

moneyFurther deals on offer

If you are over 70 or claiming certain benefits, some suppliers are offering further deals. British Gas is offering free insulation plus £50 cash back to those who qualify and a further £50 for referrals. What’s more, there is no limit on the amount of referrals you make and you will be paid £50 each time, providing they also qualify for free insulation. The money is paid to you by cheque 30 days after the installation is completed. You don’t need to be a British Gas customer but in order to qualify, they must be able to insulate at least two thirds of the total loft surface area and the existing insulation must be less that 60mm.

You don’t have to be a customer to qualify

British Gas is the only supplier offering cash back but each provider has its own criteria so shop around to see what deal is best for you. Some suppliers like EDF, Eon and SSE can offer free insulation to non-customers providing your house meets the criteria and you receive certain benefits and most suppliers also offer free cavity insulation as well as loft if you meet the criteria.

With the cost of heating our home rising at an astonishing rate and the effects this has on our environment becoming more evident, we should be grabbing every opportunity to save ourselves money as well as saving the planet. If we can save on our fuel bills through insulating our homes effectively and that insulation is free, then we should take the deal and feel safe in the knowledge that in this case, we really do get something for nothing!



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