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Getting the best deal on car insurance

Getting the best deal on car insurance

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Car insurance companies operate in a default ‘seatbelts and braces’ position that offers them maximum protection. But careful consumers can use this approach to their advantage to ensure they are getting the best deal on car insurance. Insurers remain competitive by avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach to calculating premiums, and instead they apply a raft of criteria to each individual insurance application. Directing your insurer to your own personal positive criteria points can save you money.

Your Car

The more expensive you car, the more you will pay. But if your vehicle is not worth much more than £1000 you may want to consider ditching the fully-comprehensive cover in favour of the cheaper third-party fire and theft option. In some cases this can slash you premium by half. Fully comp payouts on a car of this value are unlikely to cover the cost of a decent replacement anyway, so why bother paying through the nose? For cars under £500 in value you would be mad to take the fully comp option – save your money up for a new car instead.

Age Matters

Insurers love statistics, and those pesky numbers show that young and inexperienced drivers are more likely to have an accident. For older drivers this can pay massive dividends – play up your experience and use your lower-risk age-bracket to your advantage to gain a better deal. Younger drivers can reduce their premiums by choosing a cheap, basic car, taking an extra driving qualification, or agreeing to pay a higher excess.

Additional Drivers

getting the best deal on car insuranceMore drivers means higher risk for your insurer, and higher premiums for you. If you have a driver on your policy who only uses the car occasionally then ask yourself if they really need to be there. The cost of the odd taxi or public transport usage could more than offset the additional premium for you.

No-Claims Record

Statistics show that drivers who have a clean accident record are less likely to have accidents in the future. Five years tends to be the favoured number in terms of maximum no-claims benefit, and once you pass this magic figure your opportunity to negotiate lower rates increases dramatically.

Shop Around

Using comparison websites is a great starting point, and they are a great tool if you are short on time. But taking it one stage further can help you to reduce your premiums even further. Take the lowest quote from a comparison site and make a few calls direct to insurers. You will usually find that they will beat your current best deal in order to secure your business.






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