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How to celebrate birthdays on a budget

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Money is tight for a lot of people right now and many are making day to day decisions for what can be reduced or let go of, in order to save the pennies. When times are hard, it can be easy to imagine a life without any treats or celebrations; that in itself can feel depressing. Times like these call for creative thinking and a shift in perspective can introduce ways of doing things that offer surprising alternatives! Birthday celebrations for children are a prime example of important things that deserve recognition, how to celebrate birthdays on a budget is the way forward and help save those hard earned pennies!

What do birthdays mean?

They are simply a celebration of one persons existence. They are a chance for those around them to express their love and appreciation for being in their lives and an opportunity to help them feel special, wanted and loved. So why have these days become so financially draining? Why have our young people learned to value themselves more through the amount of cash they receive on their birthdays over and above how they feel in their hearts? It’s a sad state of affairs and one that needs a make-over.

Simple beginnings

celebrayting birthdays on a budgetAs a simple start, get all the other members of the family to make a present for the birthday child. This in itself provides a beautiful opportunity to have some quality fun time together where each person can choose to do something that suits their skills whether it’s making a cake, drawing a card, making a model or writing a poem.

Between all of you come up with a plan of how you can create a special birthday ceremony for the other child and think about decorating the room with material, playing some music and lighting some candles. Making a special chair like a throne is a lovely ritual that will stay in the memory of the child for a long time after. Pile cushions up with lots of soft blankets or duvets and help them to sit down or snuggle in! These gifts can then be given ceremoniously and with each offering, the giver could say two or three things that they love about the other person.

Indulge in them

All of us just want to be loved and birthdays are a great excuse to offer some extra loving time. Indulging someone’s wishes on their birthday in very simple ways is an easy and cheap way to celebrate and love them.

Let them have total choice over what they watch on tv, what music they want to listen to. Make up funny stories about them either with true tales from their earlier years or heroic feats in which they are the hero!

Make a personalised pass the parcel where each forfeit between the wrappers relates to them such as listing three of their qualities or recounting a lovely memory of them.

Birthday Outings

Outings can be cheap too and the simpler the better in terms of really connecting as a family. Make a picnic and go to the beach singing songs all the way! Wrap up warm and go for a night walk in the woods and light a fire and toast marshmallows or take lots of coloured chalk and go to a bit of wasteland and draw a huge picture together. Most of all let go of any belief that you have that things need to cost a lot in order to be good and remind yourself that the more thought about your child feels, the more they will treasure these sorts of birthdays.





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About Jenny Smith

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