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Not happy with your energy provider then U Switch

not happy with oyur energy suplier then u switch

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When it comes to our energy, broadband or mobile supplier, many of us have thought about switching, but presume that it’s a long and complex process. However, by changing provider you can save a substantial amount and it’s quick and simple so if you are not happy with your energy provider then U Switch.

What is U-Switch?

U-Switch is a free and independent price comparison site, covering a range of products, including energy, broadband, mobile, loan, credit card, mortgage and insurance providers. By using their service, customers can quickly compare the costs of different deals and find the best one for them. Their information is regularly updated and comes direct from suppliers or third party data, ensuring it’s both comprehensive and accurate. As well as comparing deals, customers can link straight to the suppliers’ sites, making the switching process straightforward.

Gas and electricity suppliers

This is one area that can appear extremely complicated and is the reason why many consumers don’t want to switch supplier. However, by going through U-Switch you can compare deals and start the switching process in a matter of minutes. They provide information on all suppliers and their latest tariffs, as well as details on price history and customer satisfaction data. They also have free guides to switching, including details on fixed price tariffs and what to do when your tariff ends.

You can start the search by simply entering your postcode and entering some basic information on your current supplier and usage levels. The site will then provide results showing the best deals for your location and circumstances. If you choose to switch online, then U-Switch takes care of everything. Your new supplier will arrange details of the change with your current provider and organise a switching date

As well as helping you change supplier, they also provide details on how to save energy and reduce your bills. This includes comparing deals on boiler repairs and servicing and information on how to qualify for free solar panels.

Switching broadband, TV and home phone providers

By choosing to change suppliers through U-Switch, you can opt to take advantage of some exclusive deals that aren’t available direct. They offer a simple postcode checker, so you don’t waste time comparing deals from providers that aren’t available in your area. Everything can be organised online, with direct links to the suppliers’ websites, meaning you don’t have to search around to find the deal once you get to their website.

One of the biggest issues with changing broadband suppliers is the difference in line speeds for both downloads and uploads. You might have found a really good deal, but you can’t always be sure of the speed you’ll receive until you’ve switched over. U-Switch offers a speed checking service to see what you’re currently receiving and can even compare this with other households in your area, so you can see who the fastest local providers are.

Changing mobile phone contracts

It can be difficult to find exactly the right mobile phone deal for you, as there are so many different suppliers and tariffs. However, the U-Switch service makes it simple to find the best one in a matter of seconds. They search the latest contracts, SIM only plans, pay as you go deals, as well as smartphone, iPhone and iPad contracts. All you have to do is enter the amount of minutes and data you’d like to receive each month, as well as the price you want to pay, and they can show you the top deals. You can even search based on the specific handset you want and they’ll highlight the most cost effective packages available.

Financial products

Unless you’ve got a degree in Maths, deciding on the best credit card, loan, mortgage or insurance product can be a difficult task. They come with different benefits, interest rates and rewards, which can vary depending on your circumstances. Through U-Switch you can compare deals based on the type of product you’re looking for. For example, credit cards are organised by 0% transfer, bad credit, cash back, reward or low APR deals. You can search for a new mortgage deal just by entering your salary details and whether you’re a first time buyer, moving house, wanting to remortgage or purchasing a buy to let property. They also offer comparison details for car, home and life insurance, allowing you to save money in just a few minutes.

You might think that you’re currently on the best deal available, but it’s surprising how much more you could actually save. With a price comparison only taking minutes, it’s worth looking into to see if you could reduce your bills further by clicking on the image below.



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