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Public Liability Insurance: Make sure you’re covered

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Public liability insurance could be your safety net in the event of an unexpected claim. The phrase ‘where there’s blame there’s a claim’ is probably one drummed into our heads after years of TV adverts for injury lawyers wanting to ‘help you get the money you deserve’ after accident or injury. If you run your own business, large or small, then public liability insurance is something to seriously consider, protecting you should anyone try to make a claim against you as a result of any incident that is the fault of your business.

Why do I need it?

Claims for trips, slips and falls are the most common form of public liability claim and this insurance will cover any legal fees on both sides and compensation to be paid should your business be found at fault. Business’s that have customers that attend their premises are more likely to face a public liability claim as the footfall of clients is far greater than someone who might run a small business from home. Imagine you own a small shop and have mopped up a spill, if another customer then walks through and slips on the wet area you have mopped and you didn’t provide adequate warning signs that the floor was wet or cordoned it off, if they are injured as a result of that slip, they may make a claim against you for failing to give appropriate warnings there was a slip or trip hazard. If you don’t have public liability insurance and your business is found at fault, you will be forced to pay out legal fees and compensation from your own pocket, which can be very expensive!

public liability insuranceEven if you don’t own your own premises, you can still be liable for a claim against you. Take for instance a mobile hairdresser that only works in other people’s homes, although they need not worry about making a shop safe for clients, what if they’re using sharp scissors and cut a clients ear or neck? Or burn them with curling tongs or straighteners? Their client might make a claim against them for the injury caused.

What else will it cover?

Public liability insurance doesn’t just cover injury claims; it will also cover you for any accidental damage cause by your or your business. A shop owner with signage on the exterior may face a claim if strong winds blew an insufficiently secured sign off and onto a car causing damage. Or perhaps a decorator spills coffee onto a customer’s cream carpet while working – accidents happen so it’s important you’re covered.

public liability insuranceGet the best deal

With price comparison sites making life easier when it comes to finding suitable insurance, you need to make sure you have appropriate cover for your business. Be honest when submitting your details as if you declared you didn’t use hot tools, and then a customer claims for burns from a curling tong, you probably won’t be covered! The cost of the premium will depend on the size of your business, the amount of cover you require and factors such as how frequently you have customers on your premises.

Get the right level of cover

If you have a large number of customers on your premises or work with any dangerous chemicals or materials, you will need a higher level of cover than someone who works from home with no physical customer contact. Although this is not a compulsory insurance for businesses, if you win a contract that stipulates cover is needed, you will have to adhere. Local authorities will insist on public liability cover with a level of around £5 million to satisfy their requirements. With insurance premiums starting from just a few pounds a month, you can by peace of mind should the unexpected occur.



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