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Save money now for Christmas

save money now for Christmas

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We know it’s coming every year. We know the exact date. Yet still, for many of us, the expense of Christmas takes us by surprise. We hit January all wide-eyed and skint from the shock of it all. The sensible side of your brain knows you should really start thinking about Christmas in January and, if possible, start saving for it too. The sooner you begin the easier it will be. And there are myriad other ways you can save money on Christmas throughout the year. Read on for how to save money now for christmas!

What can you afford?

It’s the easiest thing in the world to get swept away by all the festive loveliness. We all strive to create the ‘perfect’ Christmas where everyone gets all the gifts they desire, tasty treats spill from the cupboard on-tap, and the whole family feast on a Christmas dinner fit for a king. But if you can’t afford all this you simply shouldn’t do it. Why spoil your year worrying about debts for the sake of one day that probably won’t be perfect anyway? Instead, work out a budget that you can afford, and work backwards from that. Allocate money for food and presents. And stick to it.

Start Early

I’m a huge fan of this tip. I’m that mad woman buying half-price Christmas cards, wrapping paper and gift tags in the January sales. I love a good bargain! And let’s not forget all those sales through the year. You may not know what main gifts you want to buy for everyone so far in advance, but browse online and on the high street through the year and you can pick up plenty of stocking filler items at a cut price in the sales that pop up all through the year. Autumn is a particularly good time to look online. September and October are the months where people are recovering from holiday spending and are starting to save money for Christmas – the stores need incentives to tempt buyers to part with cash, and it’s easy to find bargains.

Bury your Inner Retail Snob

Our good sense seems to go out of the window where Christmas shopping is concerned. A desire to indulge in a spot of luxury because ‘We deserve it!’ can add £££ to the shopping bills, and is often unnecessary. So much food gets thrown away at Christmas time – do you really notice the difference between the Standard and Deluxe Christmas pud when you’re shoehorning it into your belly after the turkey? Be kind to your budget and make sensible shopping choices.

Start Saving in January

You may feel like you don’t even have two pennies to rub together, but the odd few pounds here and there stuffed in a pot can soon add up. As can reward points on your shopping throughout the year. Ditch the ‘I’ll never save enough’ attitude, and save what you can. You may be pleasantly surprised how those little bits add up.

Save money now for Christmas

Shop Smart

There are any number of online shopping tools that allow you to sniff out the best prices on items. Take the time to surf before you buy, and you can honestly save yourself loads. Don’t always assume that certain retail giants are the cheapest – often they are, but they remain competitive by clawing back money on other incidental items you buy while shopping there. Buying through cash back sites can save you money too. If you are buying many gifts online visit your favourite retailers via your selected cash back site and win money for the simple act of a few extra clicks.

Make your Gifts

Homemade gifts offer a special personal touch that your recipients will value, and you can have lots of fun making items at home. Cookies, truffles, cards, and gift tags are all simple and cheap ideas for homemade items that will dave you money. Just don’t get carried away buying materials in Hobbycraft (I could live in that shop!).

Make a List for any Christmas Shopping trip

Impulse buys are what keep many retailers alive, but those little (and not so little) add-ons can bust your budget before you know it. Christmas is a time for list-making, so embrace your inner organiser and pit yourself with success against the retailers’ best efforts to steer you off course.

What Christmas money-saving tips do you use?






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