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Saving For A Wedding

Saving For A Wedding

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The average UK wedding now costs a staggering £21,000 so it’s hardly surprising that most couples choosing to marry need some time to save up before the big day.

Set a budget

Yes, we know this seems incredibly dull but it’s important that you know how much cash you’re going to have to spend. The best way to make a wedding budget is to list all the things you want or need to include alongside costings for each thing. Do some research into how much your preferred suppliers will charge for the occasion so that you don’t get met with any surprises later. It’s incredibly easy for wedding costs to spiral out of control so make sure you keep your budget up to date and try your best to stick to it.

Work out where you can make savings

Sit down with your bank statements and work out where your money is going and how much you have left at the end of the month. You may be surprised at how much money you spend on lunch every day, for example, when you could take something from home for much cheaper. Make savings anywhere you can and add that cash to your wedding fund, which you’ll soon see grow in size. Be realistic about the amount you need to save, there’s no point in aiming to save £500 a month if you know you’ll struggle to have £300 at the end of the month. This will stop you from feeling disappointed at not meeting your targets but will also help you arrange a date for the wedding that is totally doable.

Bank account

Saving For A WeddingIf you’re saving for a wedding then it makes sense to open a special account for the occasion. This will help stop you dipping into your savings and you’ll be able to track how your money is growing. Shop round for the best account to suit your needs. If you’re planning a long engagement then a savings account with high interest rates may be your best option but if you’re going to be shelling out deposits quite soon then an instant access account may be more suitable.

Credit cards

It can be tempting to put a chunk of the wedding costs onto credit cards and, while there’s nothing wrong with this, it does pay to be careful. Make sure the card you use has a 0% interest rate and ensure that you will be able to pay off the debt before that rate increases. Otherwise you’ll end up having to fork out even more money on interest.

Shop around

Make sure you’re getting the most from the money you’ve saved by shopping around for suppliers. Weddings can be eye-wateringly expensive but there are ways you can save money just buy shopping savvy. Consider getting married out of season or on a weekday as many venues offer reduced prices at these times. You can also save money by buying in-season flowers, holding out for a bridal dress sale, making your own invites and place cards and cutting the guest list to only include those important to you.

Remember that many divorces are brought on by financial worries so it’s really not worth getting into massive amounts of debt for your wedding.







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