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How to spend NOTHING!

how to spend nothing

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Okay, so spending absolutely nothing at all might be a tad over ambitious but you might be surprised at just how easy it can be to dramatically reduce your outgoings. Once you get into the habit of only spending what you really need to you’ll find it becomes like second nature. Check out our tips below and learn how to spend nothing!

Think of it as a challenge rather than a negative

Just like dieting, the minute you decide to curtail your spending it seems like shopping is all you can think about. But by approaching it with a positive attitude you’ll be more likely to stick at it.

Shopping is not a hobby

If your Saturday afternoon is usually spent wandering around the shops, find another activity to keep you occupied. Going for a jog, visiting friends or feeding the ducks are all things you can do for free that will keep you away from the tills.

Target specific shops

If you really do need to buy an item, then go to one store that you know sells it or buy online. Try to avoid shopping centres or retail parks where you might be tempted to impulse buy.

Pay with cashhow to spend nothing

It has been proven that people who pay with cash tend to spend less than those who use credit or debit cards. Perhaps it has something to do with actually seeing the money being handed over or maybe it’s just because they don’t carry enough cash with them to splurge on things they don’t need. Whatever the reason, it seems to pay to leave the plastic at home.

Choose classic items

Whether it’s your wardrobe or your home décor, don’t be enticed by trendy items that will look dated by next season. Stick to classic styles and you’ll get much more use out of what you buy.

Sell your stuff

If you need a new outfit then go through your wardrobe and dig out anything you don’t wear anymore. If it’s in good condition then sell it online. Not only will you recoup at least some of the cost of your new clothes, you’ll also make space for them in your wardrobe.

Repair rather than replace

As well as being cost effective, repairing broken items is also better for the environment. Even if you lack the skills to fix something yourself, hiring someone to repair an item is usually cheaper than replacing it. If something still works but you’d prefer a newer model then consider why. Do you really need the extra functions the new one comes with or is it just for aesthetic reasons?

Buy second hand

Not everything you buy has to be brand new. Before you hit the high street have a browse online to see if you can buy what you’re after second hand. If you do find you have to go to into town then start at the charity shops where the item you need will most likely be least expensive. Don’t forget to check your local Freecycle page as well you might even be able to pick up needed goods without it costing you a penny.

Trade skills

Time costs nothing but is just as valuable as money. If you have a particular skill such as baking, joinery or painting you could swap for a similar number of hours of someone else’s time. For example, you might bake and decorate a wedding cake for a photographer in return for a family photo shoot.



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