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Sticking to your Christmas budget

sticking to your Christmas budget

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Christmas is by far the most expensive time of year. With gifts, decorations, cards and food to stock up on, it’s easy to spend way more than you set out to. As stores fight for customers, exclusive deals and great discounts are offered that can seem too good to miss. If you’re on a budget then you need to think carefully before you start spending. Sticking to your Christmas budget may seem like hard work, but there are a few tips that can make it a lot easier.

Set up gift boundaries

You don’t need to buy gifts for every single person that you know. When you’re sticking to a budget, you should only aim to buy gifts for those you are closest to. You don’t have to spend a fortune on everyone either. It’s easy to forget the true meaning of Christmas and focus solely upon cost. What really matters is spending time with the people you love, not the presents you give.

Consider creating your own gifts

Once you know who you’re buying for, consider creating a personal gift. This is much cheaper but it also means a lot more too. Scrapbooks, handmade crafts and homemade food hampers are all great gifts to create. Another great idea is to create a CD with a person’s favourite songs on. These thoughtful gifts will really put a smile on your loved ones faces.

Start shopping early

The earlier you start shopping for Christmas, the cheaper it will be. You get to spread the cost and avoid the hassle of last minute shopping. It’s even worth buying in Christmas gifts in the January sales. That way you’ll have Christmas next year sorted really early.

Make the most of sales

The great thing about the festive season is that there are a lot of sales you can take advantage of. Black Friday is one of the busiest shopping days of the year thanks to amazing sales offered by most stores. You should also consider shopping online as there are often online only discounts available.

sticking to your Christmas budget

Create a list and stick to it

The worst thing you can do is go shopping unprepared so make a list of everything you need. Double check the list to see that you have absolutely everything written down. That way you’ll know not to stray from what you actually need. Knowing what you have to buy will prevent you making any impulse purchases. It’s easy to get distracted by offers on things you don’t need. This is especially true when it comes to Christmas food.

These tips should help you to stay on track when it comes to your budget. The list is the most important thing to organise as knowing what your budget is and what you actually need will help to prevent you going over your limit

Of course it also helps if you can save money throughout the year. This isn’t always easy to do but even just a little money will go a long way to helping you fund your Christmas.




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