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Ten ways to earn money in your spare time

Ten ways to earn extra money in your spare time

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As government austerity measures continue to bite, it’s time to snap back and harness the power of your free time and personal resources to boost your income. Here are our Top Ten Tips to get you started.

Use Cash-Back Credit Cards

Provided you regularly pay off your credit card bill each month in full, the benefits of Cash Back Credit Cards are yours for the taking. Simply route as much of your spending as possible each month through your chosen card, and sit back and watch the cash roll in. Not all purchases from all retailers qualify, but many do, especially in relation to standard items of expenditure, such as petrol, supermarket shopping and many high street brands.

Use Cash-Back Websites

For those who make regular online purchases, a Cash-Back website account is a must. These sites pay you automatically when you click onto selected online retails sites via the Cash-Back website and subsequently make a purchase. Qualifying sites include anything from supermarket chains to sites where you can switch utility provider.

Make Music Reviews

Soundout.com is a site that pays for reviews on tracks by unsigned bands. Starting at just 5p per review, experienced participants can eventually charge up to 25p per track. Not big money, but if you enjoy listening to new music this could see you getting paid for indulging in your hobby.

Be an Extra in Films

Sign up with an agency and if you’re selected for a job you could earn up to £150 for a day’s work in an interesting and potentially star-studded environment.

Auction your Stuff

Ten ways to earn extra money in your spare timeI’ve recently discovered the delights of selling stuff on eBay. It’s a little daunting at first, but once you get into the swing of it it’s easy to shift your unwanted items and make a little money in the process. I especially like the idea of the recycling element of this. Such a shame to throw decent stuff away!

Skill Sell

Take a long, hard look at your skill base and you may find you have latent talents that can earn you a little extra cash. Perhaps you had piano lessons as a kid – you may be no expert but you could turn you hand to teaching beginners. Or maybe you have a flair for languages and could teach French or Spanish to holidaymakers keen to grasp the basics.

Be an Army Reservist

If you like the outdoors and have a practical approach to life then the Army Reserves could be for you. It requires a commitment of two weeks each year for basic training, along with one weekend a month and a readiness to be called for active service. If you meet the minimum requirements you will get paid a basic rate for each day you work for the Army, on a sliding scale that increases the longer you have been in service with them. Do bear in mind that signing up to the Army Reserves is significant commitment that could see you deployed overseas.

Clinical Trials

Being a volunteer for medical trials doesn’t always mean you have to be exposed to new and untested drugs. There are many clinical trials that are behavioural -based that you can participate in for a small payment, such as sleep trials, taste tests and psychological studies. Always be clear about what you’re signing up for and ensure you’re happy with it. Your health is more important than a few extra pounds in the bank.

Car Boot Booty

Hoying yourself out of bed on a Sunday morning can be made a more tempting option when you consider the prospect of earning hard cash from selling your stuff at a car boot sale. Pitches costs around £10 a day, and your loft full of under-used-but-perfectly-okay stuff could prove to be a nice little earner.

Rent out a Parking Spot

If you live in a place where car parking is at a premium, and where slots are thin on the ground you could earn money from renting our parking space on your own property. A driveway in Birmingham could net you £100 or more a month, with slots in central London going for much more. Some have been known to go for as much as £500 a month.



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