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The best credit cards for spending

The best credit cards for spending

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If you’re searching for a new credit card, then it can be hard to see exactly which the right one for you is. It’s beneficial to choose one that matches your particular needs, for example saving rewards or clearing existing debts. This way the interest rate and features will be more suited to your particular spending habits, so they can actually save you money.

Purchase credit cards

For those looking to buy an expensive one-off item or use the card to renovate a property, one with a 0% rate on purchases would be the best option. These can enable you to pay off the debt over a specific period without having to factor in interest charges. It’s important to ensure you can clear the card before the promotional period runs out; otherwise the debt could increase substantially.

  • The Halifax Purchase Credit Card offers a 0% rate for 20months, as well as for six months on balance transfers.
  • The Yorkshire and Clydesdale Gold MasterCards have 0% on purchases for 19 months and on transfers for 12 months.
  • The Tesco Clubcard Credit Card for purchases charges 0% on purchases for 19 months, as well as three months for balance transfers.
  • Bank of Scotland has a 19 month Purchase credit card, which also has a 0% rate on transfers for six months.

Saving rewards

If you spend money on a credit card regularly and pay the balance off on time, then building up rewards can help you save money on a range of goods. It’s important to check exactly how many you’ll need to collect and the choice of card depends on the type of rewards you want.

  • The Santander 123 Credit Card provides cashback every month on purchases up to 3%.
  • Virgin Atlantic’s White Credit Card offers 3,000 bonus miles with your first purchase and the opportunity to save towards free flights.
  • The Lloyds Bank Choice Rewards Credit Card helps you save for a range of rewards, including shopping vouchers and cashback.
  • The MBNA Emirates Skywards Elite Credit Card has 10,000 bonus miles with your first purchase, as well as accumulating ongoing miles.
The best credit cards for spending

Clearing debts

For those who want to combine existing debts onto one card, it’s best to choose a 0% deal on balance transfers. This will help you pay off the debt faster, without the added burden of interest.

  • The best deal is with the Barclaycard Platinum Credit Card with Extended Balance Transfer. This offers a 0% rate for 34 months, as well as for six months on purchases. Barclaycard also has a Platinum Credit Card with Balance Transfer, which gives you 0% for 33 months and six months for new purchases.
  • Sainsbury’s Nectar Balance Transfer Credit Card provides 0% on transfers for 33 months and on purchases for six months.
  • Tesco Bank’s Clubcard Credit Card for Balance Transfers offers 33 months at 0% and three months on new purchases.

Spending abroad

If you travel frequently and use your card abroad, the fees can soon add up. These are some of the best deals available for overseas purchases.

  • Halifax Online Clarity Card charges a 0% fee on foreign purchases, with no usage fees when abroad.
  • Nationwide’s Select Credit Card has a 0% foreign purchase fee, as well as 0% interest on purchases for 15 months.
  • The Post Office Platinum Card also charges a 0% fee on foreign purchases and has three months 0% rate on new purchases.
  • The Lloyds Avios Rewards Credit Card gives you a 0% foreign purchase fee, alongside 0% on purchases for 13 months.



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