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Top ten tips for earning extra money

top ten tips for earning extra money

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There always seems to be some event or special occasion that you need a bit of extra money for. Whether it’s the annual summer holiday, the children’s birthdays or Christmas, the money you spend soon adds up. Making more money from your work isn’t always possible, her’s our top ten tips for earning extra money.

Sell unwanted items

Remember the saying ‘one person’s junk is another’s treasure’ and you could make yourself some more pennies. We all have old or unwanted items lying around the house that might be useful to someone else. Gather together your DVDs, games, clothes, toys or other household items and see what you can make. You could put them on auction or free ad sites or go to a car boot sale if you’ve got a decent amount.

Take on ironing

top ten tips for earning extra moneyIf you love ironing or are just good at it, then you could take on other people’s clothes. It’s a chore that many people absolutely hate and would rather pay someone else to do it for them. There are plenty of people locally who will be looking for this service, so try advertising on a local Facebook page or put a card in nearby shops.

Get creative

Many of us have an arty side that we don’t use to its full potential. If you’re handy at making craft items, then you could earn money by selling them at local fairs, through online craft shops or by setting up your own Facebook page.

Become an extra

This sounds like an extremely fun way of making some more money and you could even star in the next blockbuster if you’re lucky. Search online for agents that recruit extras and once you’ve signed up you can start looking for potential roles.

A voice-over star

There are websites where you can upload a recording of your own voice and then apply for voice-over roles both on TV and the radio. The money you can make from these jobs will vary, but distinctive accents or voices have the chance of earning more.


top ten tips for earning extra moneyBecoming a paid dog walker is a great way for dog lovers to earn some extra pennies and get some exercise. You can register on dedicated sites or advertise your services locally, such as in shop windows or through flyers.

Become a party host

There are a range of companies you can work for in your spare time by organising parties in people’s homes or other venues. Look at The Body Shop, Pampered Chef or Phoenix Cards and you could have fun with your friends whilst making some money.

Rent out a room

This might not be an ideal solution for every person, but you can make some extra tax-free income. You’re allowed to earn up to £4,250 by renting out a spare room before you qualify for tax and you might make a new friend.

Clinical trials

Trailing new drugs or other medical services might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but volunteers can make good money. They don’t always involve taking drugs and all medical trails have to be properly supervised to ensure they are safe.

Get paid to shop

By signing up as a mystery shopper you could make money from shopping. Research companies are looking for people to buy items in stores, visit restaurants or try out other service providers and they’ll pay you for doing so.



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