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Voucher Codes: What are they and how do I use them?

Voucher Codes: what are they and how do I use them

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Voucher codes are big business-  We all love a bargain and we don’t always have to wait for the sales to get one! Online shopping is big business whether it’s your weekly grocery shopping, booking a holiday or you prefer browsing the fashion trends from the comfort of your own home. Voucher codes offer you money off when you get to the online check out and with the increasing number of sites that solely specialise in offering discounted deals, you should keep a beady eye out for voucher codes and grab yourself a hassle free bargain!

What are they?

Saving money and shopping around for the best deals no longer labels you as a cheapskate; in fact with so many offers available from affiliate marketing sites, introductory discounts or rewards for loyal custom, paying full price for something is quite a rarity. There has been a boom in sites such as Groupon or Wowcher that offer discounted deals from other companies. You’re provided with a discount code and when you go to purchase your items, you enter the code at the checkout stage of your order. Usually there will be a box for the code to be entered or a pop up will appear asking you to provide any discount code. At that point the discount will be applied to your purchase and taken off the balance to pay. You may also see offers in newspapers or magazines that offer discounts on items or if you spend over a certain amount. Look out for these offers and buy online, saying money in the process.

voucher codes: what are they and how do I use themUse voucher codes correctly

A voucher code will probably be a sequence of numbers, letters or short phrase. It’s important you get this code correct when entering it as if there are any mistakes, the discount won’t be applied. You can either copy and paste into the box or get a pen and paper and write down the code to then type in when required. Entering the code can sometimes be a little tricky as it’s always entered at the checkout stage and varies from site to site. Sometimes you will be prompted to enter a code, other times you have to search carefully for a box that will say ‘enter discount’, ‘enter promotional code’ or something similar. You will have to add the item to your basket then proceed to check out. However, never confirm your payment if you haven’t already entered your code as you will have gone too far and will miss out!

What’s the catch?

You may wonder what the catch is if you’re receiving all these substantial discounts from simply quoting a code? The answer is that businesses are always looking for ways to attract new customers and build up their business and reputation. An initial 50% off discount might be so tempting for a new customer, they’ll opt to try it and then continue to use the product, or will then be drawn in to look at what other products are available. Once a client base begins to grow, offers can then be specifically targeted at the right clients and the brand will soon gain momentum. Clever marketing and discount strategies will ensure there is no negative brand impact and sales are continuous, not just during offer periods. Both new and existing customers will continue to get great deals while a companies brand is developed and established within the market and sales continue to grow.

When it comes to stores and customers, voucher codes can provide a win win solution for all, making for happy customers and profitable businesses!



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  1. Charlie

    Nice read! You can really save a lot of money if you know how to use these codes properly.


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