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National Work Life Week

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It is National Work Life Week this week, the event has been organised by the charity Working Families. This will be the third time the event has taken place being launched back in 2010 for the first time.

The National Work Life Week is to help working parent employees to improve their work-life balance with the support of their employers.

Employers supporting National Work Life Week

Employers taking part in the National Work Life Week include Allianz, Barclays, National Grid and Santander. The companies involved are running a combination of events for their staff including workshops, drop in sessions and a Go Home on Time Day. Santander are also re-launching their Flexible working policies including Flexible leave policy, Career Break and their Voluntary Home Working policy.

Go Home on Time Day took place Wednesday 25th September and had been created to ensure employees left their workplace on time.

Most working parents are unhappy with the balance

In a survey carried out during 2012 by Working Families it was found that 41% of working parents left the office late every day.

During the same survey, the Time, Health and the Family Survey 2012, the majority of working parents were unhappy with their work life balance. 40% felt torn between work and family life and only 25% of parents that work feel content.

This week is a great time for companies to reassess the policies that they have in place currently for working parents.




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