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New Identity for the Family and Childcare Trust

Childcare painted hands

The Family and Childcare Trust, a merger of the Family and Parenting Institute and the Daycare Trust, have formerly announced their new brand image at the house of commons. The trust’s aim is to work with parents and government to see a high standard of affordable child care in the UK and raise the level of standards of living for all children in the UK through significant reform of the child care system.

New branding and image

The new corporate image was designed by West Sussex husband and wife partnership ‘Colourful Design Strategy’ who use the word colour as a metaphor for what makes different brands appealing. The company has re imagined all of the trusts output, including press releases, documents and brochures. The aim of the new brand is to make the trust more vibrant and appear more forward thinking in it’s approach, and to make the whole feel of the trust have a simpler and more family orientated atmosphere. The branding is bright, clever and provides information in a clear and accessible way.


In their new colourful brochure the Family and Parenting Trust say “It’s our aim to increase the wellbeing of families in the UK by relieving the pressures on family life. Our vision is of a society where government, business and communities do all they can to support every family to thrive”. Pretty big words but the chief Executive didn’t stop there, Amand Schukla went on to say

“In these times of austerity, the work of the Family and Childcare Trust is more crucial than ever before. Without significant positive reform to childcare – which is currently unaffordable or unavailable to many families – and real commitment from government to protect family services, we are likely to see over 7 million children in the UK living below the minimum acceptable standard of living by 2015.”

Family and Childcare Trust annual survey

As well as providing up to date local information for parents through their family information services the Family and Childcare Trust is also well known for producing it’s annual Child Care Cost Survey where they outline the growing cost of child care in the UK in line with many other financial factors such as average wage and inflation. The trust is dedicated to reducing the financial burden felt by parents and increasing the standards in which children grow up around the country, which includes making child care costs in the UK affordable and level in all areas to remove the class system from pricing for child care centres.

Family and Childcare Trust new logo

If you are excited about these changes then why not head over to the trusts website where you can see all the improvements and download their recent brochure to have a look through, you can also download their previous reports and studies which make enlightening but slightly scary reading, and you don’t have to have a degree in maths to understand the figures, it’s all set out in an easy to read fashion which makes it easy to gather the information you need.




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