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New plan could see working Grandmothers paid to assist with childcare

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A new report has suggested that working Grandmothers who help out with childcare could potentially receive up to 6 months maternity leave or the chance to reduce their working hours.

The scheme will help thousands of women in their 50s who look after their elderly parents, or children and grandchildren. The paid time off will give them the chance to deal with ‘midlife care crisis’ by allowing them to keep their jobs, whilst protecting their income and pension as they reach retirement age.

Recommendations by the Institute for Public Policy Research state that young single mothers in vocational training could transfer up to 6 months of their parental leave to a working grandparent who can assist them with their childcare whilst they work or study.

Grandmother and grand daughter

The Government could also replicate an ‘income smoothing’ scheme which launched in Germany in 2012, where employees can reduce their working hours to 15 hours per week for up to 3 years, whilst caring for a dependent.

Similarly, Belgian policy gives over 55s with 25 years employment record the opportunity to reduce working hours by up to half at a lower pay rate for 6 months.

The IPPR associate director, Dalia Ben-Galim, said: “Enabling older women to work for longer and alongside caring responsibilities could make an enormous positive difference not only to their lives but to their families and society more widely.’’

High number of Grandparents support single parents

The report states that politicians do not recognise women’s roles as carers, when 42 percent of families with children over 9 months old use Grandparents for childcare. 71% of lone parents in work or education rely on Grandparents to look after their children.

These figures will increase further as the population rises.

Many Grandmothers who leave their jobs to assist with childcare find it impossible to return to work as they near retirement, affecting their income and pension.

It is estimated that a cost to the economy of £30billion a year in revenues and welfare payments, will be caused by the lack of older people in work.

Tory MP, Brian Binley who belongs to the Commons Business Select Committee, states that more employment regulation would have a negative impact on the economic recovery, especially for smaller businesses.


This report doesn’t appear to have mentioned Grandfathers at any point, when there are certain to be many willing Grandfathers who would happily help out with childcare whilst their sons and daughters go to work.




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