Pupils need a doctors note to go to the toilet during lessons

A school in Cardiff has come under fire after insisting that parents must provide a medical note if their children want to visit the toilet during lessons. St Teilo’s Church High in Wales High School, sent the edict out to parents of pupils in Year 11 via a text message at the start of the

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Extra hour of television a day brings down GCSE grades

GCSE marking system

Just one extra hour of television, video games or internet browsing a day between the ages of 14 and 16 can reduce GCSE grades by the equivalent of two grades. Study That’s the findings of a study by researchers at Cambridge University who tracked the viewing habits and academic progress of 845 pupils. At 14 the

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David Cameron’s U-Turn on Refugee Crisis

It appears the Prime Minister has been made to rethink Britain’s position on immigration and refugee aid following a public outcry to address the matter. The picture of the lifeless body of three ear old Alan Kurdi, who drowned at sea along with his brother and mother, broke the hearts of people all over the

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Noisy Children in pubs are biggest peeve for customers

Dealing With Temper Tantrums

Years ago it was unheard of for children to be inside pubs, but now they’re a regular sight as families enjoy a Sunday roast or Saturday afternoon relaxing in a beer garden while the kids run riot in the whacky-warehouse. But according to The Good Pub Guide, noisy, uncontrollable children are the biggest annoyance for other patrons.

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Boy sent home from school for ‘severe’ haircut

Manchester City fan and 11-year-old schoolboy Garry Hill was sent home from school on his first day after being told his Sergio Aguero inspired haircut was too ‘severe’. Shoes and hair Garry was stopped just seconds into his first day at Astley Sports College in Dunkinfield, Cheshire and questioned about his haircut, which features two shaved

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Nursery nurse suspended after Facebook rant calling kids w*nkers

A North Lanarkshire nursery nurse has been suspended from her job after taking to Facebook to rant about some of the children in her care. First day back Hayley Neeson is a trainee nursery nurse at Forgewood Nursery Centre in Motherwell. Her Facebook post claimed that on her first day back after the summer break

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