Driving test age could increase to 18

car legal cover

Young drivers could have to now wait until they are 18 before they can take their driving test under proposals that are being considered by the Government. Why would the driving test age be increased? The number of people killed and injured in accidents on the roads caused by young drivers is troubling. More than

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New procedure boosts successful IVF pregnancies

three person babies

A new technique called ‘endometrial scratching’ has been hailed as the latest breakthrough for women trying to conceive via IVF. The new fertility treatment has seen successful IVF pregnancies rise from 23% to 42%, according to research. Nottingham University Breakthrough Endometrial scratching involves medically engineering damage to the womb lining. This is not a new

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Will the new £2 lottery ticket put you off playing?

will the new £2 lottery ticket put you off playing

Will the new £2 Lotto ticket put you off playing?   We all have those conversations – “What would you do if you won a million pounds?” don’t we? And for many across the UK, those conversations have turned into reality when they find themselves in possession of that illusive winning lottery ticket! Since the

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The clampdown on Payday lenders

10 things you should know before applying for a loan

The Clampdown on Payday Lenders   They’re sold to us as our saving grace, our fairy Godmother that will pop some money into your account when you’re short one month with no questions asked and you simply repay it the following month when you’re back in the black again. But Pay Day loans have come

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Is it the end of ‘free’ benefits?

Free card

With the increasing concern over the number of people in the UK relying solely on benefits, Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith, is proposing a radical change in the way benefits are given out, with plans to make the jobless work in order to receive benefit payments. The announcement was made by Chancellor George

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National Work Life Week

Working mother with little girl

It is National Work Life Week this week, the event has been organised by the charity Working Families. This will be the third time the event has taken place being launched back in 2010 for the first time. The National Work Life Week is to help working parent employees to improve their work-life balance with

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