Working Families Benchmark Awards: British Gas and Citi come out on top


Employees aren’t just a number on a payroll, they’re individuals who are often parents, carers or have family responsibilities they have to juggle along with work. Thankfully many employers are recognising this and have adapted their benefits and policies to work in partnership with their staff. The Working Families Benchmark Awards were founded by the

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Chessington bans animal print clothing

Animal print clothing

Chessington World of Adventures has banned their visitors from wearing animal print clothing, as it could be confusing to their animals. Security are ensuring no entry for visitors wearing animal print Chessington, part of the Merlin Entertainment group, have even hired bouncers to ensure visitors are abiding by the new rule, which goes to show

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Firefighters strike over pension row

Fire engine

Firefighters went on strike for 4 hours today following on from a dispute over pensions. Unions state that this is a warning to the government showing how angry members are at the prospect of working until they are 60. Ministers responded by saying the action was needless and the pension offer is one of the

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Will we finally see a freeze on our energy bills?

how to spend nothing

The rising cost of our gas and electricity energy bills has been a sore point for many families already struggling to make ends meet. The large energy companies which have a monopoly over the UK market, have been somewhat holding us to ransom, with large price rises and lack of competition. Since 2007, gas bills

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Will free childcare actually be free?

Childcare nursery

As working parents we all know how expensive childcare costs can be. Nursery and child-minding fees have risen to crippling levels in some parts of the country and it is often responsible for new parents taking the decision not to return to work. So when we hear about plans for free childcare we’re always keen

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Are the Chancellor and Governor in agreement over housing?

Is the UK Housing Boom back

The chancellor, George Osbourne, is under the impression he got the go ahead for his mortgage-guarantee scheme, Help to Buy, from Mark Carney, the Canadian governor of the Bank of England. The conversation took place privately so we have to take his word for this. Osbourne, has pushed the plan for £130bn in new mortgages

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