Firefighters set alight Halloween costumes in stark warning to parents

A group of firefighters have filmed themselves setting children’s Halloween costumes alight to highlight just how quickly the outfits can go up in flames. Hard-hitting video Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) said some costumes on sale in shops up and down the country took just nine seconds to become engulfed in flames and

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Pupil stabbed at Aberdeen school dies

A 16-year-old Scottish student has died after another pupil stabbed him at a school in Aberdeen. Murder investigation The boy, who is being called Bailey Gwynne from Maryculter, was rushed to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary yesterday after police were called to Cults Academy at 1.30pm. Unfortunately, doctors were unable to save the boy, and he died in

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Petition to ban One Born Every Minute

It may be enjoyed by millions of viewers but one woman is campaigning for television programme One Born Every Minute to be taken off the air. One Born Every Minute Pregnancy and natural childbirth coach Alexia Leachman argues that the popular show doesn’t depict what labour and birth is really like for most women. As

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9 year old writes to parents regarding tooth fairy’s existence

Super sleuth and 9-year-old, Lexi has become an Internet sensation after she wrote a letter to her parents addressing the existence of the Tooth Fairy. I don’t believe Lexi composed a strongly worded letter to her mum and dad revealing the fact that not only did she know her father swapped the tooth under her

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Government forced to make tax credits delay

Tax Credits for people in work

Last night, the Lords showed unprecedented defiance as they rejected a finance measure approved by the Commons which would have cut tax credits, for the first time in over a century. Tax credits U-turn The House of Lords have approved a Labour motion that forces George Osborne to delay his tax credit cuts until he creates a

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Tampon tax may be banished

MPs are to vote to abolish the so-called ‘Tampon Tax’ after more than 250,000 people joined an online campaign. Luxury items The controversial tax on women’s sanitary products has become a focal point as campaigners have branded it sexist. They also argue than sanitary protection should not be classed as a non-essential luxury item. Vital

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