Premature baby kept alive by Tesco sandwich bag

A baby born three months early has been kept alive thanks to a Tesco sandwich bag. When little Pixie Griffiths-Grant was born by emergency Caesarean section in Plymouth’s Derriford Hospital she weighed just 1.1lb. Pixie had to be delivered at 28 weeks in May of this year. Sandwich bag Pixie’s mum, Sharon Grant had been

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Blanket ban on term time holidays “unworkable”

£30 off holiday bookings

The Local Government Association (LGA) has called for a “common sense approach” to be applied to term time holidays for families in England taking their children out of school for holidays. The move comes after it was revealed that the number of fines issued for term-time holidays has almost trebled in the last two years. Councils

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New £200 test hugely increases IVF success rate

Oxford University scientists have created an embryo screening method that will significantly improve the chances of conceiving for IVF patients. The test costs £200 and could be available within the next six months. Increased odds Scientists already use chromosome testing, which raises the likelihood of conception from 40% to 65% for women in their mid-30s,

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Child benefit denied to parents who don’t send children to pre-school

school nurseries

An increasingly influential Conservative group has said that child benefit should be denied to parents who don’t send their children to pre-school from the age of three. ‘Essential’ Bright Blue, a liberal conservative group and thinktank, suggested this plan in a pamphlet and claim the proposal is designed to ensure children go to Sure Start

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Police deploy extra patrols after reports of clowns scaring children

Police in Kent have deployed extra patrols after reports that people dressed as evil clowns have been scaring children around school areas. Suspicious incidents Kent Police say they have received reports of several ‘suspicious incidents’ where people wearing clown masks in vans have approached children outside their school. Officers are advising children to go straight

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Go-ahead for first new grammar school in 50 years

School considers banning homework to improve mental health

The go-ahead has been officially given by Education Secretary Nicky Morgan for Britain’s first new grammar school in 50 years. The plans were signed off today for 450 pupil school in Sevenoaks, Kent following months of legal battling and is hailed as a victory for supporters of selective education. Doesn’t alter current stance Mrs Morgan

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