How to help a choking baby

This advertising campaign from St. John’s Ambulance was launched earlier this year, advising how you can help a choking baby. It’s saved lives. Given the recent tragedy of 2 year old Jacob Jenkins’ death after choking on a grape, every parent should familiarise themselves with basic first aid and what you can do in the event

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Toddler who choked on a grape at Pizza Hut, has died

The heart-breaking news has emerged that Jacob Jenkins, the toddler who choked on a grape while at Pizza hut, sadly passed away last night. Rushed to hospital Jacob was with his parents at a Hartlepool branch of Pizza Hut last Friday, when he began to choke on a grape. First aiders tried to remove the

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Video captures moment woman gives birth on a plane

A woman has given birth on board a long haul flight and the moments after were captured on video by other passengers. The Taiwanese mother was flying from Bali to Los Angeles on a China Airlines flight when she went into premature labour. Waters broke Six hours into the 19-hour flight, the woman’s waters broke, indicating

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Teenage strops and mood swings are normal

speech lessons for grunting teenagers

Throughout our teenage years we learn how to cope with and channel our emotions, and of course we all know that we’re more prone to throwing strops and sulking. A study has confirmed that these mood swings during teenage years are completely normal. Most of the time, these mood swings will disappear around the age

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Hoverboards banned in public spaces

Although they’re becoming increasingly popular amongst celebs, ‘hoverboards’ – or self-balancing scooters – will no longer be allowed on public roads or pavements in Britain. Hoverboards banned Each hoverboard, also known as ‘swegways’, costs around £400 and is made up of a platform with two wheels at either side. When used correctly, users should be

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