Smoking in cars with children: Police may not enforce fines

From Thursday a new law that prohibits smokers from smoking in cars with children will come into effect, however police officers have stated that the law will not be enforced. £50 fines If caught, smokers can be given £50 fines, however police bosses have said they will instead give people warnings. The polices’ reluctance to

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Are over protective parents creating clueless kids?

annoying things non parents say

A leading figure in education has expressed concern that over protective parents may be creating a generation of kids who are ill-equipped for life. David Hanson is Chief Executive of the Independent Association of Prep Schools, the IAPS, and voiced his thoughts in the Sunday Telegraph ahead of the IAPS Annual Conference, due to take place

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Research into bedtime stories being told by dad

A new study from Harvard University suggests that fathers who read bedtime stories to their children are significantly improving their children’s linguistic abilities. Bedtime stories from dad The team studied the effect bedtime stories had on infants’ language and found that, after a year, girls in particular benefited from being read to by a man.

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Mum fined for staying over 3 hours in Asda car park as she fed her baby

A first time mum has been issued with a £70 fine after feeding her baby in an Asda car park. Rosie Hayes from Brighton overstayed the car park’s three-hour time limit when she stopped to feed her five-week-old daughter, Ella, after finishing her shopping. The thirty-four-old mum says she spent over £150 on food, petrol

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Mum complains after school confiscates son’s e-cigarette

Susan Dunn, mother of a 14 year old school boy Mason Dunn, has complained to Kearsley Academy in greater Manchester about the confiscation of her son’s e-cigarette, saying he was using the device in an effort to stop his ten a day smoking habit. We’ve tried everything Ms Dunn, from Bolton says her son started

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