Breastfeeding does not improve IQ

Have breastfeeding trials been a success

A new study has revealed that breastfeeding is no more effective than bottle-feeding when it comes to IQ. Previous research claimed that breastfed babies have higher levels of intelligence than their bottle-fed counterparts, however this new study says this is not the case. No link between breastfeeding and intelligence Goldsmith’s University in London scientists have

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77% of kids don’t get enough exercise

children exercising

A recent poll of 2,000 parents across the UK has revealed that more than three-quarters of children are not getting enough exercise. Current government guidelines recommend that between the ages of 5 and 18 our kids aim to have at least an hour of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day, outside of the school

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Working parents discriminated against when finding a job

Job interview do's and don'ts

Working parents looking for a new position feel they are discriminated against by employers, new research suggests. In theory the law provides protection against such practices, but in reality it’s very difficult for employers not to view the candidate and their life as a whole, and prejudices, attitudes and expectations inevitably creep in to the

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Students punished if parents post negative online comments

Morley Academy in Yorkshire has published a letter stating that ‘personal or insulting comments’  posted online by students, parents or carers, will be met with a ‘full withdrawal of privileges’ such as school trips. This has lead one parent to say the school was ‘worse than being in the North Korean army.’ Appropriate behaviour Leanne Griffiths,

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Students Dropping Fun Activities Due to Study Stress

Exam Stress On The Increase

A series of polls run by the online revision and learning website GetRevising has shown how students across the UK are struggling to find a study-life balance. The free site polled 3000 students aged from 14-21 years, asking a variety of questions about their study and social habits. Work and fun The over-riding message that

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