More toddlers watching iPads or TV in bed

toddler watching tv

A survey of over 1000 families by Childwise has revealed that increasing numbers of toddlers are being allowed to snuggle up in bed watching TV on an iPad or other type of tablet before dropping off to sleep. 7% of kids aged 4 and under are allowed to watch TV programmes in bed using smart

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Government may scrap free school meals for infants

free school meals, school dinners

The Conservative party is considering scrapping free school meals for all infants in school. Spending review Former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg first introduced the policy in the last coalition government and the Tories committed to it in their 2015 election manifesto. However, Sky News reports that Chancellor George Osborne is considering a back track as

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Playing outside helps prevent short-sightedness

Researchers have found that 40 minutes of outdoor activity every day can cut the risk of children developing short-sightedness. Rates of short-sightedness, or myopia, in children have been rising steadily across Southeast Asia and also in Europe, affecting up to one in three people in the UK. While the condition is very common, the cause

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Teacher cleared after bringing meat cleaver into class

Science teacher Jonathan Abbott, 35, says he has endured ’11 months of hell’ after being charged with bringing a bladed article into a school. The blade in question was a meat cleaver he used during classes to teach his students about topics such as splitting the atom. Locked in a drawer On October 23 2014,

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Investigation after four year old left at London Zoo after school trip

Ofsted have launched an investigation after a four year old boy was left at London Zoo whilst on a nursery school trip. The outing, organised by KidStuff, a privately run nursery in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire took the children on a trip to London Zoo. Didn’t realise child was missing The child somehow became separated from his carer and did not return to

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Johnny Depp says he’d ‘destroy’ anyone bullying his kids

Johnny Depp has revealed his protective side after making some controversial comments about bullying. Destroy the little booger Speaking at the Toronto International Film Festival, the 52-year-old actor said, “If somebody tried to bully my kid, if they didn’t destroy the little booger, I would.” New film The topic came up during a discussion of

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