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Next cancel firework display metres from dog rescue centre

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Many pet owners will know this time of year can be incredibly stressful for their beloved pets as fireworks can terrify animals. When one of the UKs leading stores, NEXT, planned a firework display meters from East Midlands Dog Rescue Centre, many were worried for the dogs and rallied around to try and help.

Dogs in distress

Many of the dogs rescued are very nervous and scared, with many coming from puppy farms or abusive owners. The previous year, the Next HQ firework display had left the dogs traumatised and rescue centre workers found themselves trying to comfort 41 dogs who were screaming in distress.

Worried again about the effects the fireworks would have on these already vulnerable animals, this time, concerned animal lovers used the power of social media to raise awareness to Next.distress dogs

Social Media

After sharing the information on Facebook, worried members of the public politely wrote to Next asking if they would re-consider holding their firework display just meters from the rescue centre given the effect it will have on the dogs in there. Many received personal replies from staff at the Next Head Quarters who had happily taken on board the concerns.

Fireworks cancelled at Next HQ

Dr Lynn Sudbury-Riley received the following reply from Next:

Hi Lynn,

Next would like to thank everyone who has been in touch to let us know about the Next Steps Nursery firework display, planned for Wednesday 4 November. It certainly wasn’t ever our intention to cause any additional distress to the dogs or carers at the ‘East Midland Dog Rescue’ centre, so we would like to confirm that we have cancelled the firework display. We are very sorry to have caused any unnecessary concern.

To which Lynn replied:

“thank-you so much – at last a company that cares!”

Well done Next for listening to the concerns and putting the needs of the dogs first; a very heart-warming story!



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  1. Eimear Dawson

    Next were very gracious and apologetic when I telephoned them. They wanted to raise money for a Charity and did not think about the dogs nearby. The display was cancelled so no blame applies. It was a genuine mistake which anyone could make.


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