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Now just 1 in 10 women are stay at home mums


According to research published in an Office For National Statistics report just 1 in 10 women are currently stay at home mums. This is being reported as a ‘historic low’ as the figures have dropped by more than a third in the past 20 years. Meanwhile, just 1 in 100 fathers regard themselves as stay-at-home parents.

5% drop in stay at home mums

The number of ‘economically inactive’ women between 16 and 64 was 15.9% in 1993 but was recorded at 10.1% last autumn. Currently the number of women in work is estimated to be around 14 million, whilst those at home number just 2 million. The study, which does not include those who are unemployed in the homemaker category, says: “‘There are many reasons for economic inactivity, such as study, looking after the family or home, sickness or disability, or not needing to work. However the main reason for the decline in female inactivity rates over the longer period has been a decline in the share of women staying out of work to look after the family or home.’

Tax reasons

Critics are stating that women are more reluctant to stay at home these days due to a tax system adjustment in the 1980s, which meant married couples were taxed as individuals. This meant that women who stayed at home were left with no support. Laura Perrins from Mothers At Home Matter says: “It is a reflection of Government policy that women have to look for work when many want to look after their children instead. The Government is only interested in income tax revenue. It has no interest in the wishes of mothers or the welfare of their children.”

Push for mums to work

Last year, Chancellor Osborne revealed plans that aim towards getting half a million more women employed by 2016. Osborne said he will ‘support women who want to work’ by introducing a childcare voucher system worth up to £1,200 which will begin next month.



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  1. Ele

    The child care vouchers are not new they are simply replacing a pretty much identical scheme


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