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Petition to ban One Born Every Minute


It may be enjoyed by millions of viewers but one woman is campaigning for television programme One Born Every Minute to be taken off the air.

One Born Every Minute

Pregnancy and natural childbirth coach Alexia Leachman argues that the popular show doesn’t depict what labour and birth is really like for most women. As many of the births shown on the series are highly emotional or dramatic, Leachman says One Born Every Minute is “terrifying” women who haven’t experienced childbirth.

Fear of childbirth

Writing on her blog, the 41-year-old mum of two explained her point of view: “It’s creating fear among women when it comes to childbirth. My problem with fear is that it’s directly responsible for crappy childbirth experiences that are bad for mum and bad for baby. Childbirth is best for mum and baby when it’s without the drama and in a calm environment.”


Leachman has started a petition on Change.org to encourage OBEM broadcaster Channel 4 to ‘portray a more balanced view of childbirth through programming’. The petition reads: “It’s unfortunate that TV is our main source of education on something so important, and yet here we are. And so while we’re here, the TV commissioners need to take responsibility for their crucial role in educating the women who will be birthing our future generations. We need the children of tomorrow to be emotionally resilient to deal with the challenges of our times, not traumatised from their experience of arriving into this world.”

Low key

“A quick jaunt on to Twitter while Channel 4’s series following women in labour is on will tell you all you need to know how it makes women feel about giving birth; it scares the crap out of them,” wrote Leachman in the Daily Mail. “Sure many women have those experiences, but many don’t. Normal birth is quite a calm low-key affair.”

Accurate portrayal

A spokesperson for the programme commented: “One Born Every Minute has provided a rounded insight into the reality of the day-to-day experiences of a maternity ward for nine successful series. It is a fair and accurate portrayal of the inner workings of the hospital’s maternity ward, which shows a wide spectrum of different birthing stories.”




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