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Premature baby kept alive by Tesco sandwich bag


A baby born three months early has been kept alive thanks to a Tesco sandwich bag.

When little Pixie Griffiths-Grant was born by emergency Caesarean section in Plymouth’s Derriford Hospital she weighed just 1.1lb. Pixie had to be delivered at 28 weeks in May of this year.

Sandwich bag

Pixie’s mum, Sharon Grant had been told that her baby had stopped growing at 20 weeks. “We were told this awful news, so it was a really stressful time. I did not know if she was going to survive,” she told the BBC.

“When I got to Derriford my blood pressure was really high so they put on Ben Howard to help bring it down. There were 10 doctors dealing with Pixie and they put her in a sandwich bag straight away to keep her warm.”

Intensive care

The quick thinking doctors tucked Pixie into the supermarket sandwich bag to stop her body temperature from dropping. “The bag acted like a greenhouse, bless her,” explained Sharon. The technique was first used in Zambia as a cheap method of maintaining body temperature.

The baby was then rushed to intensive care, where doctor’s anticipated she would only live for around an hour. Happily, Pixie proved them wrong and is now thriving.


“It was amazing that she survived, but it was truly traumatic,” said 37-year-old Sharon. “She really did live hour by hour for about three weeks. She kept being sick when they gave her milk and every time she was handled she would lose weight.”

Home from hospital

Pixie was two months old before she finally started to gain weight and her parents were eventually allowed to take her home from hospital when she was five months and weighed 7.5lb.

“We have been in and out of hospital a lot since she got home and she can’t be around other children or ill people because if she gets a cold she will end up on oxygen again,” Sharon explained. “But at the moment she is doing really well. She looks really nice and healthy.”








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