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Reading is no longer a popular pastime for children

reading no longer a popular pastime among children

According to research conducted by the National Literacy Trust, not only are fewer children reading in their spare time, but those that do are reluctant to admit it. Of the 35,000 children involved in the research, only a quarter stated they read recreationally. A further quarter revealed that they did not believe their parents were bothered whether their children read or not. This information is a stark contrast to a similar survey conducted in 2005 which showed that a third of children enjoyed reading in their spare time.

Negative Connotations

The Literacy Trust cites the attitude that reading is “uncool” as a major factor in children’s reluctance to read, but has also discovered that children between the ages of 8 and 11 year olds are the most likely to read outside the academic arena.

The Benefits of Reading

Studies have shown that children who read daily outside the classroom are five times as likely to have a higher reading level than those who do not. The Literacy trust is keen to promote the enjoyment of reading for all ages and has released its findings in conjunction with a campaign to discover the UK’s Literacy Heroes. This provides the public with the opportunity to nominate people who have inspired them to read and everyone from teachers, friends, parents, authors and television personalities can be included as nominees.

It is hoped the campaign will make reading popular once more among children of all ages and the Literacy Trust is keen to make reading “cool” again.

The Duchess of Cornwall is reported to be supporting the Literacy Heroes campaign and is quoted as saying, “In a world where the written word competes with so many other calls on our attention, we need more literacy heroes to keep inspiring young people to find the pleasure and power of reading for themselves.”

 Further information about the Literacy Heroes campaign can be found on the National Literacy Trust website.



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