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School uniform saga: 100 pupils sent home over their shoes


A school in the West Midlands sent home 100 pupils on the first day of term because their shoes didn’t meet the school uniform policy.  The students at The Coseley School in Bilston, who were aged between 12 and 16, were told to leave the school premises and return home because their shoes were not black leather, which the school uniform policy states.

School uniform policy

Parents received a text message the day before pupils returned, reminding them to ensure their children were in the correct uniform, and some parents had even bought new shoes which they thought would meet the uniform policy and were suitable. However, staff inspected shoes on their return to school and sent home around 100 pupils because their shoes were not black leather.

One parent had bought black formal shoes for their son, but he was still sent home because they weren’t leather. The parent said: “I think it’s disgraceful. They are black formal shoes…what have they got to do with him looking at a blackboard, reading and writing? I’m not going out and buying more, I’m putting my foot down and he’s wearing them. Why should I pay out again when there’s nothing wrong with his current pair?”

Children walking the street

After telling the pupils they were not allowed to stay in school, parents received a text informing them their children were in inappropriate footwear, were therefore being sent home and could parents arrange for suitable shoes to be worn before pupils return to school.

One parent said she was not notified that her 13 year old son, Levi, had been sent home. Stephanie Kirby said: ” I was in Coseley at Subway and I saw lots of kids. I asked them what they were doing and they said they had been sent home….Levi doesn’t have a phone on him and I don’t know where he is. He has to have medication and I didn’t know if he’d had it. I’ve told them I’m going to put in a complaint.”

Another mum, Karen Glear, whose daughter was sent home for wearing black canvas trainers said: “My daughter made her own way home, but there were children walking around the street. That’s what really gets me.”

Headteacher’s response

The head of The Coseley School, Mrs Westhead-Jones responded by saying: “We have improved our uniform by asking parents not to send their children in trainers, which we hope will bring a sense of pride among students and reflect the very high educational standards we have in school. We informed parents by letter twice last term, as well as sharing the proposals with pupils during assembly.

We also reminded parents via text this week about the new arrangements and thankfully, the vast majority share our enthusiasm for the very best school environment and standards of learning.  Unfortunately, around 100 pupils attended school without the correct footwear and we contacted their parents before sending the children home to change.

I have offered to meet all parents individually to discuss the new arrangements with them.”




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