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The Spirit of Christmas: Fynnjan’s making music and money for charity!

spirit of chistmas: Fynnjan's making music and money for charity

We live in a world surrounded by stories of tragedy, suffering and violence; but every now and again, we come across a story that truly captures our imaginations, wins our hearts and lifts our spirits; this is just one of them! If you haven’t already seen the articles in the news or interviews on television, then here is the story of an 11 year old boy, Fynnjan who has Aspergers, but uses this condition to make music. Fynnjan makes the music patterns in his head to occupy his mind while he does other things and last year, he wrote one down…

How it all began

Fynnjan has Aspergers, which is a form of Autism. People with Apsergers often have trouble with social interaction, struggle with language and communication and often develop unusual thought and physical behavioural patters, such as hand tapping or repetitive movements. Group learning can be very challenging, children can become vulnerable to bullying and disruption to patterns and routines can cause children with Aspergers to become upset and distressed. But Fynnjan channelled his thought patterns into music and created something special.

When he showed his work to his music teacher, she was so impressed she asked him to write some words to go with it and perform at the school Christmas concert. Fynnjan took up the challenge and sang the opening verse solo. It was the first time ever that Fynnjan’s mum had heard him sing! In fact, the whole family were so impressed they asked Fynnjan if he would record it! Fynnjan decided that if he was to record his song, he wanted it to be in aid of a good cause and therefore decided to record the single in order to donate money to help other children with Aspergers and raise awareness of the condition. The biggest charity for Aspergers is The National Autistic Society – Fynnjan got in touch, told them his idea and they loved it!spirit of chistmas: Fynnjan's making music and money for charity

At the studio

Fynnjan’s dad was no stranger to music, so his band, Buzz, recorded the backing track and the whole of Fynnjan’s class joined him in the recording studio to record their respective parts. It was mid July and sweltering hot – a stark contrast to singing about Christmas, sleighs, and Christmas trees! It was also the last day the whole of Fynnjan’s class would spend together as soon after, the summer holidays arrived and all the children started different secondary schools – but was an awesome way to celebrate together!

Since making the single, Fynnjan has been interviewed by ITV Tonight, Radio 4, Radio 1, The Sun, Closer, BBC 3 Countries and Daybreak – all promoting the single and helping raise money and awareness for people with Asperger’s and Autism. He has designed his own website and even made a music video to accompany the single!

The single

Fynnjan’s single,¬†‘The Spirit of Christmas’, ¬†is released on 9th December and is currently 16 to 1 to get the Christmas number 1 spot! You can pre-order the single right now and read more about Fynnjan and his story here.

The money raised is to be donated to The National Autistic Society, Nordoff Robbins music therapy and local special educational needs provision. So why not help an inspirational young man’s dream come true while raising money for an amazing cause at the same time – all in the Spirit of Christmas!

spirit of chistmas: Fynnjan's making music and money for charity



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  1. Paul

    Lovely story – especially amidst other gloomy news.
    I’ll be downloading it from HMV probably or iTunes.


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