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Students punished if parents post negative online comments


Morley Academy in Yorkshire has published a letter stating that ‘personal or insulting comments’  posted online by students, parents or carers, will be met with a ‘full withdrawal of privileges’ such as school trips. This has lead one parent to say the school was ‘worse than being in the North Korean army.’

Appropriate behaviour

Leanne Griffiths, Head Teacher of Morley Academy, has explained that parents and carers are asked to exhibit appropriate behaviour. She said that children were not being ‘punished’ but would be banned from visits outside of the school until issues were resolved. Ms Griffith’s says that ‘too many examples of inaccurate and deeply offensive comments’ had been made online, leading to a ‘breakdown in rapport’ between the school and parents.

Breakdown in rapport

She added: “We would deem that breakdown in rapport to represent a significant risk and we would not want to put the student, or any other student or ourselves, in a vulnerable position until we re-establish that rapport.”

Another unnamed parent said social media was ‘freedom of speech’. She continued to say: ‘what are we teaching our children if you can’t speak out and say what you feel?’

If your child’s school put the same sanctions in place, would it make you reconsider posting comments on social media?




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