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Why are Tesco promoting buying Puppies for Christmas?


We were shocked and upset to find out that Tesco have used the slogan ‘All I want for Christmas is a puppy’ as part of a marketing campaign.

Advertising in Tesco Christmas magazine

The photograph was used by Tesco in their Christmas magazine, it shows a chalkboard with a child’s handwriting with the words ‘All I want for Christmas is a puppy’.

The photo in the magazine has understandably caused a lot of distress among animal lovers in the UK. With rescue centres at bursting point and unwanted dogs and puppies all over the internet we cannot actually believe Tesco would want to promote buying a puppy as a Christmas present.

Tesco have a duty of care and any level of promoting buying a puppy for Christmas is irresponsible.

Tesco puppy advert
Tesco photograph featured in their Christmas magazine


The Dogs Trust Statement

The Dogs Trust have responded with the following statement:

We know pups are wonderful and totally understand why children might ask Santa for one. However Dogs Trust and many other welfare charities rely on parents and other responsible adults and advertisers to explain why this isn’t a good idea and not to encourage this behaviour.

Every year rescue charities, such as Dogs Trust have to pick up the pieces as many puppies are soon abandoned in the days and weeks after Christmas when the appeal of a cute puppy has worn off. Last year Dogs Trust found homes for over 100 dogs who were bought in over the Christmas period as unwanted gifts.

This year is the 35th anniversary of Dogs Trust’s iconic slogan: A dog is for life, Not Just for Christmas – we’d love to talk to the Tesco’s marketing team about this and how Tesco can help spread this important message. Fancy a meet at one of our Rehoming Centres soon?

Tesco on Facebook

Tesco have not at this point in time released a statement but we have retrieved a few comments from the Customer Care team that were posted on Facebook.

“We and are not trying to encourage people to buy dogs for Christmas.

The picture you are referring to is background picture in our magazine, it’s a lifestyle shoot showing what a small child might write on a chalkboard. We completely understand your concerns and as a result we have fed this back to our Marketing Team.

Stuart – Customer Care”

“Thanks for posting, apologies for any distress caused, as we have previously stated this was never our intention. We’re passing on a fair amount of feed back based on what everyone is telling us. We’ll be sure to pass on your request too.

All the best,

Stuart – Customer Care”

Thanks for getting in touch, it’s important people realise the responsibility associated when considering having a pet.

We can assure you that we are not encouraging people to buy a dog for Christmas. We completely understand your concerns about the page in our magazine and as a result we have fed this back to our Marketing Team.

Many Thanks

Stuart – Customer Care”


Tesco have inadvertently acted in a very irresponsible way and have clearly not thought through the impact this photograph will have. A dog really is for life, not just for Christmas.




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