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Video captures moment woman gives birth on a plane


A woman has given birth on board a long haul flight and the moments after were captured on video by other passengers.

The Taiwanese mother was flying from Bali to Los Angeles on a China Airlines flight when she went into premature labour.

Waters broke

Six hours into the 19-hour flight, the woman’s waters broke, indicating that the baby would soon be making an unexpected arrival. Staff asked if anyone on board had medical training and fortunately a doctor was found, who delivered the healthy baby girl.

The baby girl was born at 30,000 feet 30 minutes before the plane landed – with one more passenger than it took off with. A round of applause erupted among the other passengers when they heard the baby’s first cry.


Many of the other passengers were clearly moved by the occasion, with one person filming air stewardesses holding up the newborn. In the video someone can be heard saying, “This is a once in a lifetime thing. These tourists will never experience this again.”

Emergency landing

When it became clear that the woman, who was travelling alone, was in labour flight crew requested permission for an emergency landing at the nearest airport for the comfort and safety of her and her baby. Although the baby was born before they reached the Ted Stevens Anchorage Airport in Alaska, the plane did still stop there to let them go to a local hospital, where both mum and baby were said to be in good health.

Staff from China Airlines have been to visit the woman and her new baby to wish them well.


The China post reports that the baby’s nationality will depend on the birth certificate issued by the Anchorage hospital where the mum and baby were taken. The little girl was technically born in US airspace but was on board a Republic of China carrier.





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